Win £1,000 for your chosen cat rescue!

The Agria CatWalk - it's time for every cat to strut their stuff!

We don't care about good looks or perfect poses - the Agria CatWalk is here to celebrate every cat's uniqueness! Every shape, size, colour, happy, grumpy, mischievous feline is invited, so get involved as we appreciate cat charisma in every fabulous form!

Enter a photo or video of your cat into one of four categories running throughout the month, and the winner from each will win an amazing £1,000 donation to the UK cat rescue of their choice – plus a luxury cat hamper from Love Louie to reward the winner – plus a year’s modelling contact as one of Agria’s next top cat models (but remember, 'classic' looks are not important)! Three runners up from each category will each win £500 for the UK cat rescue of their choice!

Judged by an expert panel of judges – iCatCare, Katzenworld, Your Cat and ProtectaPet, we bring you…

Rescue Veteran.png

Rescue Veteran

Celebrating those older rescue cats…enjoying a relaxing life!
Messy Model.png

Messy Model

Celebrating messy moments... interesting expressions & peculiar positions!
Wonderful Whiskers.png

Wonderful Whiskers

Celebrating all cats' whiskers…long and short, straight and curly.. all are in!
Diverse Diva.png

Diverse Diva

Celebrating the diversity of all cats. They’re all special!

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