Tips for setting up 5 Weeks Free Cover

Thank you for setting up 5 Weeks Free Insurance for the animals you rehome.Rehoming resized

Step by step guide on setting up the 5 Weeks Free Cover, or if the AniLog system is not available for any reason:

1. Load the following website in your Internet browser:

2. To log in:

a. Enter your unique Agria ID

b. Enter the postcode that was registered for your organisation

3. Enter the pet’s details and the adopter’s details manually

4. Answer the relevant questions

5. Activate the covernote

6.Take a copy for your records

Please Remember!

We have to ensure that each animal  has a date of birth or an approximate age added in the AniLog system, otherwise the 5 Weeks Free pet insurance covernote can’t be issued.  Please seek out a member of the Operations Team to get an age, before completing the rehoming process.