Stand out this kitten season!

As kitten season builds, we know that many rescues find themselves close to breaking point coping with the number of cats and kittens needing immediate care and new homes.

This isn’t surprising given the spike in work and capacity, with just one pregnant cat and her litter filling a space for around three months. Whether you’re dealing with socialising feral kittens, or responsible for feeding kittens without mums around the clock, kitten season ALWAYS presents a challenge.

So how can your rescue stand out from the crowd to rehome the animals you take in when you’re at your busiest? We asked Margaret Brittan from Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue to help us compile the following top tips:

  1. Be proactive and organised. Create a waiting list of potential adopters well in advance so you have time to carry out your home-checks ready to rehome kittens (and mums) as soon as they’re the right age to leave.
  2. Social media, social media, social media! When a single post can reach 10,000 or more potential adopters via Facebook, Twitter or other channels, it’s ideal for helping your kittens find homes. Remember to mention on every post that they will come with 5 Weeks Free Agria insurance – this reassures adopters and can make a real difference to your rehoming success rate.
  3. Consider using descriptions rather than kitten pictures. Cute photos can cause knee-jerk reactions, followed by people changing their minds once you’ve taken the time to home-check them.
  4. Make sure your website is up to scratch and looks polished – it reassures adopters that you take your rescue seriously. Add some Agria web banners too – you can download them here

And good luck – we know it’s tough but we’re here to support you with 5 Weeks Free insurance and to offer lifetime insurance for the animals you rehome, from the youngest to the very oldest.

With thanks to Margaret Brittan of Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue for her help. Find out more about Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue here