The right policy at the right time!

In Sweden 80% of dogs are insured. An enviable position, which is due largely to vets recognising their pivotal role influencing clients’ pet health choices. So helping new clients decide to insure their pet and then make an informed choice about the type of policy must be a critical task for every UK veterinary practice.

Veterinarian is looking to the eyes of little dog

The decision benefits both pet and practice. Agria commissioned research in summer 2016 concurs with the earlier findings by Blacks and Fort Dodge. Insured pets are worth more than twice as much to a practice’s top line than the uninsured.

As well as removing cost barriers to seeking advice as soon as a problem is suspected, footfall is increased with over 50% more visits by insured dog and cat owners … and with this, more chances to merchandise and prompt preventive visits.

However in June Vet Times published the results of a survey suggesting 8.5% of pet insurance claims were rejected because a condition was ‘pre-existing’ and 16% declined simply because the chosen policy didn’t cover the treatment needed.

This highlights two huge considerations. Firstly the importance of insuring new pets as soon as possible – Agria repudiation for pre-existing problems is less than 0.5% as we endeavour to sell insurance either at primary vaccination or when the puppy or kitten is sold.

The second challenge is to make sure your clients choose the right policy so cover is as comprehensive as possible and treatment is not constrained. On this point Agria only sells Lifetime policies.

When you add into the mix the alternative solutions Agria offers to make your practice’s promotion of insurance as effective as possible, we believe this winning combination will ensure you maximise the ‘right policy’ being sold at the ‘right time’ to your clients.