Our Policy

Comprehensive lifetime veterinary cover

Agria offers a unique choice of cover and optional benefits that your clients can tailor to their pet, their lifestyle and their budget.

Veterinary fees cover repopulates each year and features an annual contribution towards the cost of the cat’s or dog’s preventive care.

When clients renew their policy, cover for chronic conditions simply continues – so the conditions you are claiming for are not excluded after 12 months.

Included in the Agria policy:

  • A choice of either £6,500 or £12,500 vet’s fees cover each year
  • A range of fixed and percentage excesses for clients to choose from
  • Money towards the cost of booster vaccinations or other routine care
  • Travel and accommodation costs if you need to refer the pet
  • Help finding a lost, stolen or stray pet
  • Essential third party liability cover for dog owners

Other benefits and optional cover

Owners primarily insure pets to be able to budget with reasonable accuracy for their veterinary fees. But all pet insurance covers other pet risks too. Some of these will be important to individual owners and some will not, so we we give them the option to choose!

Agria allows your clients to pick and mix the supporting cover that’s important to them and not pay for cover they don’t want and may not need:

  • Death from illness or injury or loss by theft or straying
  • Holiday cancellation or early return from holiday
  • Boarding kennel, cattery or daily minding fees if the owner is taken ill
  • Vet’s fees and/or death from gestation and dystocia complications (including caesarean) including vet’s fees for puppies and kittens pre-sale
  • Overseas extension of cover including third party liability whilst away