Routine Care

Supporting preventive care


Agria includes £25 in all higher level vet fees policies towards the cost of a pet’s vaccination or health check.

Each year approaching the anniversary of the dog or cat’s health check and vaccination, a voucher for £25 is sent to your client.

The voucher is accompanied with information reinforcing the importance of preventive care and routine check-ups.

At the health check and vaccination, the client will present the voucher and ask you to stamp and sign it to confirm you’ve seen their pet. That’s all you have to do.

Your client then sends the completed voucher to us and we credit their bank account directly with £25.

A simple and effective process designed to:

  • Encourage your clients back into your practice
  • Create additional sales and merchandising opportunities for your practice
  • Supplement your practice’s booster reminder programme
  • Ensure ostensibly healthy dogs and cats regularly see their vet
  • Add tangibility to an intangible insurance product especially adding value where your client hasn’t needed to use their insurance during the year