We’ve increased maximum veterinary fees benefit

Depositphotos_39997561_originalFrom December 1st, benefit levels included within Agria’s lifetime policies will increase. This brings our maximum annual benefit for vets’ fees to up to £12,500 for our upper tier policy, and £6,500 for our lower tier policy – and makes our level of cover one of the very highest available.

This increase has been implemented to ensure owners’ pet policies cover them for the increasing costs associated with advancements in veterinary treatment. We see many cases where the right treatment does end up incurring significant cost, and so our rise in benefit levels is designed to help vets carry out the most appropriate treatment without causing owners financial concern.

One recent case that demonstrates the need for high cover levels is that of an 11-year-old Golden Retriever found to have a splenic tumour. To date, the cost to investigate, treat and provide after-care resulting from post-operative complications has been high. However, through the owner’s Agria policy, she has so far received a settlement of £6,851, with the reassurance that should further treatment be required, her lifetime policy will be there to cover it.

We’ve increased benefit levels on other elements of our policy too – including Third Party Liability (for dogs only), which will increase to up to £3,000,000, Death and Loss benefit, which will rise to up to £2,500, and the Advertising and Reward benefit, which will increase to up to £1,500.

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For more information about our policies or the ways that we can support your practice, please get in touch at vet.team@agriapet.co.uk


Working with Agria

Agria is committed to developing products and services that satisfy the changing needs of pet owners and the many organisations that support them. You and your clients will benefit from:

  • Veterinary qualified claims team
  • Fast and efficient claims process
  • Claims settled directly to the client or even to your practice
  • Locally based service team with knowledge of UK veterinary practices