Who are we?

Our Mission is to provide the best of care for pets and peace of mind for their owners

Our History

Did you know that Agria has been supporting animal welfare for 128 years? From insuring our first horse in 1890, we moved on to a policy for our first dog in 1924, with cats following a few years later. Back then, pet insurers were few and far between, so we had the freedom to develop in our own, unique way. We didn’t follow the example of anyone else; instead, we gradually shaped our business by putting animal care and welfare at the very heart of all that we do.

Working very closely with the veterinary profession, right from the word go, has been central to Agria. We’ve consistently and directly aligned our products with the very latest in veterinary thinking and animal treatments. Strong and established links with organisations such as BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association and AHT (Animal Health Trust) have been vital in allowing us to create insurance products that really fit the needs of pets and their owners. We also greatly value our longstanding ties with both the Kennel Club and Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), which give us an invaluable insight and influence into the very latest topics in the cat and dog worlds.

In 2014, International Cat Care recognised Agria as ‘Cat Friendly’, an accolade we remain very proud of. As an insurer, this singled us out for our extensive work to promote responsible animal care by developing specialist cat-focused insurance policies that are affordable, appropriate and relevant to cats and their owners. Collaboration with initiatives such as PupAid, together with our own schemes, all follow our original ethos of putting animals first.

Now, with a growing list of rescue and rehoming organisations joining us as Agria partners, we’re bringing free insurance to adopted pets of all ages. Specialising in pet insurance ensures that we retain the philosophy we started with back in 1890; to do what’s right for animals by keeping their needs and welfare at the very core of all that we do.

Why more and more pet owners are insuring with Agria

  • We only offer Lifetime Pet Insurance

    Covering up to £12,500 vet fees.

  • 97% claims are paid.

    Direct to your vet if you prefer.

  • Pet Insurance Provider of the Year

    Winner of Moneyfacts Consumer Award 2018

  • Best Claims Service

    Winner of Moneyfacts Consumer Award 2018:

  • UK based customer service and claims teams

    90% of our claims team hold an animal related or veterinary qualification

  • Our customers love what we do

    Over 95% of our customers would recommend us to friends and family

With Agria, it's lifetime, every time

At Agria, we believe pet insurance should last your pet’s lifetime. Our policies provide lifelong vet’s fees cover for illnesses and injuries! This means that, provided your policy is renewed each year, your maximum benefit will be refreshed, providing cover for ongoing conditions. So, whatever happens throughout your pet’s life, we’ll always be there for you and your pet.