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Free £50 healthcare voucher* with every new policy - promo code HSDF

Like your four-legged best friend, we’re here for you...

...wherever your adventures take you. So, whether you're exploring the beaches of Norfolk, taking a retreat in the Lake District or hiking in the Highlands, no matter where you are, you can visit any vet in the UK. What's more, our Pet Health Helpline gives you instant phone access to a veterinary professional for any advice you might need, 24/7.

Wherever your pet parenting adventures take you, we've got you covered

  • £12,500 lifetime cover

    Peace of mind with lifetime protection for illnesses and injuries with up to £12,500 of vets’ fee cover every year. Plus A £50 pet healthcare voucher free when you use the promo code HSDF.*

  • The UK’s most trusted pet insurance

    Let us protect your dog with the UK’s most trusted pet insurance, so you can get on with spending time together and exploring the world – all the fun stuff!

  • 24/7 Pet Health Helpline

    Off on a mini break and need some advice? Our Pet Health Helpline is there for you, free, 24/7.

  • All-UK based team

    We’re friendly too! Our entire team is based in the UK, and you can talk to us! Most of us are pet parents and we all love pets – so we understand the ups and downs of sharing your world with your dog.

Trips away are even more relaxing when your dog is protected

Quotes I had been insured with Agria for a number of years. My dog was taken seriously ill while we were on holiday and was referred to a specialist hospital. I greatly appreciated how smoothly the claims process went. If I get another dog, I would choose Agria again. Quotes
5 Star Review from Karen, owner of Charlie - Labrador Retriever.


We know dog insurance can be confusing, so here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Dog Friendly chose the Agria policy specifically with members in mind, congenital and hereditary problems are included as long as they hadn’t been diagnosed or weren’t showing signs before the policy started.

Most policies in the market don’t cover breeding risks at all. We have an optional benefit that can be added when you decide whether you will breed from a bitch. It covers gestation, whelping, puppies’ vet fees pre-sale and even includes Caesarean sections for the vast majority of breeds.

As with most things, you get what you pay for and the cheaper the policy the less it’s likely to cover. Your policy offers lifetime vet’s fees cover ensuring that chronic, on-going conditions can be covered for the life of your dog.

Many policies in the market will only pay for an illness for 12 months from when it starts or is diagnosed, after which the condition is excluded and further claims will not be paid. Even if you change to a different policy that condition will be treated as pre-existing on the new policy and excluded. The policy offers on-going cover for on-going conditions - as long as the policy is renewed each year and premiums are kept up to date.

Your policy will include vets’ fees cover, help to find a lost dog, essential third party liability cover and travel and expenses if your vet refers your dog to a specialist. All the other benefits such as death or loss cover, breeding risks, boarding fees, holiday cancellation and overseas travel are optional, allowing you to choose the protection you need without paying for cover you don’t want.

Some policies in the market charge more if you are unlucky and your dog is ill or injured. We do not penalise members who need to make claims – however large those claims may be.

Out of preference and with agreement from your vet we will pay the practice directly by bank transfer. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can pay you.

The cost of drugs purchased over the Internet can be claimed provided your vet has prescribed the drug to treat your dog.

*This voucher entitles you to £50 to spend with any UK veterinary practice - it can be used for flea or worming treatment, vaccinations, or even food or treats - anything that benefits your pet's health. The promo code HSDF must be used when taking out your new policy, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

The £50 pet healthcare voucher is only available during the first year of your policy. You must have a current Agria Pet Insurance Lifetime policy to be eligible to redeem your £50 pet healthcare bonus. Only one voucher is redeemable for each insured pet each year.