Proud to be the UK's first carbon positive pet insurer

Caring for the world we share with our pets

Whether we’re watching our cat pounce on the leaves in the garden, strolling through the countryside with our dog, or hacking in the woods on our pony, the Agria team’s love for the environment is something we share every day with our four-legged best friends!

That’s why we're so delighted to have become the UK’s first carbon positive pet insurer – giving more back to the environment than we take.

Leaving a legacy of love for our pets and their places is our focus. In everything that we do, our eco-friendly approach will always consider how best to:

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Preserve the environment

With a focus on reducing our carbon footprint and supporting certified carbon offset projects

Protect pets who need our help

Supporting hundreds of rescue organisations and animal welfare charities
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Prevent pet suffering and ill health

Commitment to the best pet healthcare and protecting the lifelong bond between pets and their owners

We’ve always sought to make the best environmental choices...

Since 2018 we have been on a real journey to do even more for our planet. Our first goal? To become carbon neutral, a natural stepping stone to where we are today. To get there, we examined and worked on every aspect of our business and our supplier and product choices, while supporting community tree-planting initiatives and backed international environmental projects. Crucially, over 80% of our lovely customers switched to paperless policies in our Go Green initiative! This meant we saved a staggering 1.5 million sheets of paper - and made our goal possible!

All thanks to you and your pets we have made a huge difference to the planet we all call home...

  • We've saved

    28 tonnes of CO2e

  • Planted

    over 1,000 trees

  • Supported

    projects to provide clean water in Laos

  • Proudly Funded

    peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia

  • Happily Helped

    preserve an environmentally critical area of the Amazon

Since then, we have worked even harder, further cutting our carbon footprint, offsetting our events and supporting even more environmental projects. Just one year later, on 22 April 2022, Agria Pet Insurance is officially carbon positive. And we couldn’t be prouder. Find out more about all we have done to date in our full report, here.

This year, we’re privileged to continue helping change lives by supporting the clean water provision in Laos, together with new projects to help protect the Amazon. We also have many exciting plans for the coming months.

Quotes Officially becoming carbon positive is a truly significant moment for us - as a business, as animal lovers and as pet owners - but, of course, our pledge to the environment doesn’t end here. We will continue innovating to ensure our carbon footprint reduces still further. Together, we will endeavour to provide a legacy of love for our pets and their places. Quotes
Vicki Wentworth, Managing Director, Agria Pet Insurance