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How to give your cat a happy life

Our cats have many ways to show their love for us. But how can we return all the love we receive to our four-legged family members? Here are some top tips that will give you and your cat an even more loving relationship.

That a cat feels well and feels happy depends to a large extent on how we treat it and what conditions are given. As a cat owner, it is not enough to just provide food and offer accommodation. If you want to have a good and loving relationship, you should also return the love you receive.

Make your cat happy

Cats need to be given the chance to act out their natural instincts such as hunting, catching prey and scratching in order to thrive and feel good. So, it's especially important to make everyday life a little more exciting for cats who live most of their lives indoors. Encourage daily play, exploration, climbing and jumping - your cat will be happier.

Rosemarie Engvall, registered veterinary nurse, tells about her best tip for a happy cat:

"Cats feel best with fixed routines in their everyday life, it gives the cat security which is the basis of a happy cat. For some cats, routines can be one of the most important components to being able to live a good life free from disease and stress. So, if you need to make some changes in your cat's everyday life - whether it's about food, the litter box or the environment - do it gradually over a longer period of time so the cat has time to get used to and accept the new"

Find some great ways to make sure your cat is stimulated.

How do you know if your cat is happy?

  • Eating and drinking normally
  • Your cat slowly winks at you
  • Your cat rubs and bobs its head at you
  • Your cat likes to lie on or near you
  • Your cat can casually roll onto its side to expose its belly
  • Their fur is shiny and healthy (they are grooming as they should)

Some things for cat owners to consider

In addition to spending time with your cat, cuddling and playing together, it's important that you know that your cat is healthy. Make it a habit to carry out regular health examinations, this is something you can easily do yourself at home. You also need to make sure you know what your cat's routine looks like, so you can easily spot when something isn't right.

As a cat owner, you know your cat best. If you make it a habit to regularly feel your cat and look in the eyes, mouth, claws, ears, etc., you will discover more quickly if something is not right.

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