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Mosquito bites on dogs

Gnats and mosquitoes bite not only us humans but also dogs. Some dogs are more sensitive than others to tick and mosquito bites, and some can have allergic reactions.
Mosquito bites on dogs

Can dogs get mosquito bites?

Dogs can get mosquito bites and tick bites. It is rarely something that is dangerous for the dog, but can be troublesome.

What do mosquito bites look like on dogs?

Small redness and swelling of the skin.

Symptoms of gnat and mosquito bites

Dogs that are bitten by gnats or mosquitoes can show varying symptoms. In light to moderate attacks, the dog may experience small redness and swelling of the skin. These bites can itch intensely. Dogs that are badly bitten or are hypersensitive to this type of bite may have an affected general condition. In these cases, a veterinarian should be consulted.


Use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone ointment to relieve mild discomfort. In case of major problems or possible general effects, you should contact a veterinarian.

Avoid gnats and mosquitoes

Try to use tricks to avoid your dog getting too many bites.

  • Keep your dog inside during the worst times of the day
  • Use means that protect against mosquitoes and gnats - ask for a preparation that is registered for use in dogs at your vet
  • Protect thin-furred dogs, which are usually the worst affected

Areas that are sparsely haired such as the stomach and the inside of the legs are usually the most exposed and may need to be protected. Legs and stomach can, for example, be protected with clothing

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