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Indoor Cats - Top 5 tips

Having an indoor cat can be wonderful, find out our top tips for giving them the best life.
Indoor Cats - Top 5 tips

The advantages of having an indoor cat

There are many advantages to having an indoor cat:

  • Your neighbourhood's small wildlife population will be eternally grateful and the lack of mangled presents will save your carpets!
  • You won’t have to worry about the horrors of RTAs (Road Traffic Accidents)
  • There are also fewer risks to your cat in the form of invading feline foes which will keep him or her happier.
  • The chances of your feline friend picking up an infectious disease drops and you are unlikely to have to deal with ticks and fleas!

Now unless you live in a castle your indoor cat will have less opportunity to exercise as the area they can access is smaller and there are fewer things to leap onto and climb up. This can cause your cat to lose his or her sleek feline shape which can result in health issues like obesity and diabetes.


Cats naturally eat little and often throughout the day, food should be measured out according to the manufacturers instructions as it can be easy to lose track of how much you are feeding. If your vet has advised that your cat is already overweight you can ask them how best to reduce the calorie intake in your cats feeding routine. 


Cat trees with multiple levels are a good source of entertainment and will give your cat the opportunity to climb and explore. There are some great examples on the market and there are endless opportunities to get creative and do it yourself! Elevated cat resting stations will also keep your cat happy as he or she will be able to observe the comings and goings from a safe spot.


Indoor cats can become bored and lonely so it’s important to ensure they have plenty of mental stimulation. They will rely heavily on you to provide entertainment and spending time playing with your cat every day will prevent boredom. Games as simple as chasing a piece of string will appeal to your cat’s natural instincts and also offer them exercise.

Separation anxiety

Cats can form a strong bond with you and can feel anxious when you are away from home. Signs of separation anxiety can include urinating around the house, excessive grooming and uncharacteristic behaviour. Pheromone sprays and plug ins can help with stress related problems.


A variety of scratching posts will help to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture, these can be incorporated in to your cat trees and can have toys attached to provide stimulation. Varying types made of cardboard, carpeting, sisal, wood and upholstery are available and will help you to find the type your cat likes most. If you scent the posts with catnip it will encourage them to use them rather than ripping up your favourite arm chair!

Litter trays

You will need to provide your cat with two litter trays and if you have more than one cat then its two plus the number of cats to avoid territorial disputes. They should be placed in quiet areas of the house, away from foot traffic. Make sure you change their litter regularly as cats are very particular and can stop using their trays in favour of other areas in your house if they don’t find them up to their hygiene standards!

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