A Lifetime of Love – Meet Bella


There's something very special about our older pets. Bella has had an incredibly full and fun life... and there's still so much to enjoy.



“There’s something really special about older pets. Over the years our relationships grow until they truly are our best friends.

 “They listen to us when everyone else has long-since got bored, are always happy to see us, and we share a history of fun, adventures and love that seems to deepen with time. Maybe this year, even more than most, our pets have given us comfort, exercise and a sense of normality in crazy times. Age Amnesty gives owners a chance to make sure they can look after their older pets, no matter what the future brings, " Carolyn Menteith, our Trainer and Behaviourist.

For pets without insurance already, it can be tough to find a lifetime insurance policy to protect them as they get older - leaving them unprotected against health issues which may crop up with increasing years.

Agria’s Age Amnesty removes the usual upper age limits for new lifetime policies taken out during October and November 2020 - protecting cats, dogs and rabbits – whatever their age.