Pet insurance for older dogs and cats

  • No upper age limit
  • Lifetime pet insurance with up to £12,500 cover
  • The UK's Most Trusted Pet Insurer
  • We pay 97% of claims
  • First month free and a FREE pet hamper. Use promo code AA21

Insure your older pet this autumn with a lifetime policy from Agria Pet Insurance – the UK’s Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider.

During October and November, we’re lifting the upper age limits that usually prevent senior cats, older dogs, and older rabbits from being protected with a new lifetime insurance policy.

And, every new policy comes with the first month totally free, and a fantastic hamper for your pet!

As well as being the UK’s Most Trusted, we are rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, and have a 5-star Defaqto rating, giving you confidence that we will care for your pet throughout their retirement.

For your first month free and a special hamper for your pet, use promo code AA21

Protect your best friend with lifetime pet insurance

Together, you’ve been through so much. And with every walk, game, snuggle on the sofa, high and low, your bond deepens. You’d do anything for them. Get soaked walking in the rain, vacuum up endless hairs & wash muddy pawprints, and plan your life around them. As they get older, there’s nothing more important than protecting that extraordinary bond – for the times when you need more than love to care for them.

But it can be tough to find a lifetime pet insurance policy, with the right level of cover, to protect your older dog, older cat, or older rabbit. And without pet insurance, the cost of any vet bills to care for your senior pet would be entirely down to you.

This October and November, Agria Pet Insurance is making lifetime cover available for pets of any age. We are removing the usual upper age limits for starting a new lifetime policy, so you can relax and enjoy many more happy, healthy years together with the reassurance that cover for vet fees is there, if you need it. We’ll also give you their first month with us free, and send your pet a special hamper to welcome them to the Agria family.

So, no matter how old your dog, cat, or rabbit, you can give them the protection of insurance as they grow older.


Our vet says...

Quotes Later in life, things can start to go wrong for pets, so having insurance is a huge help. For owners, it's the reassurance that their pet can access the veterinary care they may need for problems connected with old age, and for the pet, getting this care can mean a much happier and more comfortable retirement. A lifetime policy is best, as this will provide cover towards vets’ bills year after year. This can be a great help - especially in cases where a chronic condition develops - which is unfortunately common in senior pets. Quotes
Robin Hargreaves MRCVS, our Senior Veterinary Advisor