How to claim with Agria

To make a claim, simply fill in the claim form below. We can settle directly with your vet and we pay 97% of claims

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We've made it easier for you to claim as you can now complete your claim online using the form below. Please attach a full clinical history and an itemised invoice of the treatment provided. *Fields are mandatory

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Please only enter the policy number, excluding any letters/words. This number can be found at the top of your schedule of insurance.
Please enter your name as it appears on your policy documents
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About your pet

About the claim

If you do not have the diagnosis, please provide the symptoms or part of your pet's body affected
This should be the total of all your invoices
If different from treatment start date

If you do not have your pet’s clinical history, we may need to request this from your veterinary practice, and this could cause a delay. If we do need ask your vet for clinical history, we will keep you informed.
If you are uploading multiple documents, please select all files to be uploaded at the same time.

About the veterinary practice

Please tell us the approximate month and year that your pet was registered at this practice, if known. This could help us speed up the processing of your claim with your vet.

If you would like to submit your claim via post, please download a claim form here

If you are a veterinary practice, please click here.