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What’s it all about?

Agility is simply the most popular sport for dogs and involves an obstacle course built just for them. Dogs of all shapes and sizes train to jump, climb, weave in and out of poles and go through tunnels, guided by their handlers.

At competition level, dogs are judged on how fast and accurately they complete a course, but for beginners and those just training as a hobby, it’s all about FUN!

Why take part?

We’ve seen so many happy dogs and handlers taking part in agility, but why is it so good?

We can think of LOTS of reasons…

  • Agility is great exercise for dogs and handlers of every shape and size
  • It helps dogs let off steam mentally and physically, tapping into their natural instincts to run, jump and use their bodies actively
  • Combining mental and physical exercise gives dogs a great outlet which can help with behavioural issues and improve levels of self-assurance
  • Exercising in a fun way with your dog creates a strong bond between the two of you, making for a happier life together
  • It teaches your dog that you’re not the one that walks silently along beside them on a walk, or chats while they race around the park. You’re a super-owner, engaging with them while they’re having fun, and this makes you worth listening to
  • And when your dog wants to listen, they’ll pay more attention when you call them, need them to sit, stay, and so on
  • Agility is hugely rewarding, and so much fun!


3 dogs balancing

Ready to give it a go?

Your first step is to find a club near you. To find a good one, agility trainer, Sarah Trigwell, suggests: “Look for a club that’s embracing the modern techniques. These initially focus on body awareness using wobble boards and cushions, so even tiny pups can have a go! Dogs learn great coordination through play training, and this forms the ideal foundation for agility.”

Find your local club at: www.agilitynet.co.uk

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