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Puppy swallows 6 inch BBQ skewer

It had taken Neil 2 years to convince his wife to have another dog, after losing their beloved Dalmatian. So they were excited about the arrival of Archie, a 3 month old Great Dane being delivered to their home in Glasgow by the breeder.
Puppy swallows 6 inch BBQ skewer

A little too quiet

Having researched the breed most suitable for them, they chose a Great Dane for their calm, quiet nature, and when calm and quiet Archie arrived, black, with a white flash, they were delighted.  However, something wasn’t right; without being ungrateful, Archie was a little too quiet.  He was eating and defecating normally, and Great Dane puppies are known for sleeping 18-20 hours a day but, “we kept thinking, surely there should be some mad half hours?”

As Archie was unvaccinated, they visited the vet.  Neil had occasionally noticed what looked like a lump in Archie’s side, but Archie wasn’t bothered.  Neil mentioned how quiet Archie was, but the vet found nothing of concern, booking his next jabs in a fortnight, and suggesting the lump might be the last rib which is sometimes prominent in Great Dane puppies.

Half a tennis ball

A half-tennis-ball sized lump reappeared, which Neil photographed.  After 3-4 days it disappeared.  However, at their next appointment, the vet’s face dropped when Neil showed him the photo.  An ultrasound indicated something wasn’t right.  So Archie was referred to Glasgow’s Small Animal Hospital for a CT scan where he was examined by a consultant surgeon who couldn’t find anything and was going to send them home advising continued monitoring.

Pierced stomach, abdomen, and intestines

Neil carefully laid Archie onto his back, showing the consultant the mass under Archie’s ribs.  The vet was taken aback, exclaiming “You did very well to find that!” Finally, a CT scan revealed Archie had swallowed a 6 inch wooden barbeque skewer which had penetrated his stomach, intestines and abdomen.

After emergency surgery and 4 days hospitalisation Archie went home with pain relief, antibiotics and instructions to keep him quiet.  As Archie recovered he transformed into the puppy they were expecting all along; still sweet-natured, “gently sitting with our wee granddaughter,” but with some puppy craziness emerging.

A big, happy boy

After his delayed vaccination and horrible injury, Archie’s development is a little behind, but he is growing in confidence and “He was amazing and had such a great time,” at Loch Lomond’s Top Dog Event recently.  “He’s a big, happy boy now!” Neil says proudly.

Luckily Archie came from the breeder with 5 weeks free insurance from Agria, which helped with the rather large vet bill. The McKinlays have since continued onto a full Lifetime policy and can now enjoy their happy puppy, with the reassuring knowledge that Archie is now protected for life.

About the Author

Rebecca has a passion for animal welfare, which she combines with over 15 years of marketing expertise in her role as Brand and Communications Executive at Agria, where she has enjoyed working since 2017. She has a beautiful black rescue moggy called Libby and would love to rescue more pets in future if Libby will let her.

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