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The Swiftie Influence: The Top 5 Most Popular Pet Names Inspired by Taylor Swift

Where there are pet owners…there are also Swifties!
The Swiftie Influence: The Top 5 Most Popular Pet Names Inspired by Taylor Swift

As a self-proclaimed cat-lover, Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm with her infamous Eras Tour, as well as being recently crowned Spotify’s most listened-to artist of 2023 1

And now, the countdown for her UK tour leg is in motion – with just six weeks to go until Taylor graces the UK with her presence. As such, it’s of no surprise that many pet owners are consciously (or perhaps even subconsciously) inspired by her when naming their furry friends. 

With a notable spike in searches for Taylor’s own cat’s name ‘Meredith Grey’, and with the release of Fearless Taylor’s Version (2021) 2 as well as when her single Anti-Hero hit number one (2022) 3, there’s a clear link between Swifties and our beloved pet companions. 
Gathering intriguing insights from their policyholders , one of the world’s leading animal insurers, Agria Pet Insurance has released new data uncovering insight into the most popular pet names influenced by Taylor’s many eras. 

Here are the top 5:

1. Willow, inspired by the lead single “willow” from evermore (2021) 

Starting off strong with “Willow”, this is the enchanting lead single from Taylor’s second covid project, evermore. This song encapsulates the feeling of falling in love and wanting to be with someone forever. This makes it the perfect name for a furry companion – with many policyholders selecting it. As this one is on the setlist for the Eras Tour, some may be lucky enough to experience it live in just a few weeks!  

2. Daisy, inspired by the song “You’re On Your Own Kid” from Midnights (2022)

Those opting for the name “Daisy” could have been inspired by the lyric “I see the great escape, so long, Daisy May”, from Taylor’s vulnerable song, “You’re On Your Own, Kid”. Pulled from her tenth studio album, Midnights, this song encompasses a range of emotions – but there is an undeniable yearning and search for friendship within it. As such, Daisy makes for a very popular option for furry friends. Although sadly not on the setlist, Swifties are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears peeled as it could appear in the acoustic surprise set…  

3. Bonnie, inspired by the song “Getaway Car” from reputation (2017)

The name “Bonnie” is a reference to “Bonnie and Clyde” within Taylor’s song “Getaway Car”. A firm fan-favourite, this song is from her comeback album reputation and perfectly encapsulates the thrill of running off with someone you love. Unsurprisingly, Bonnie is a much more popular pet-name option than Clyde, with many of Agria’s policy members opting for it. It’s also another one many Swifties hope will make an appearance during the acoustic set… Fingers crossed! 

4. Honey, inspired by the song “Karma”, from Midnights (2021)

Next up is “Honey”, which could have been inspired by the lyric “sweet like honey, karma is a cat.” Another lyric pulled from Midnights, this song is a playful, upbeat track that is weaved with references to cats, with another lyric being “purring in my lap ‘cus it loves me”. This makes it an obvious choice for a feline, and even better, Karma has made it to the setlist as the iconic closer of the show.

5. Betty, inspired by the song “betty” from folklore (2020)

Finally, “Betty” - another song that has made the setlist, this track is a playful folk song and was one of the singles written for Taylor’s first covid-album, folklore. Named after Taylor’s close friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s daughter Betty, this name is growing increasingly popular name for furry friends.
Sam Agha, Marketing Director at Agria Pet Insurance says, “It’s fascinating to see how the global sensation of Taylor Swift could influence what pet owners decide to name their beloved pets. Naming our pets is such a special part of pet ownership, so it is intriguing to see how popular culture can overlap with it. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to adding a canine or feline companion to our family, and it’s a lot of fun witnessing the vast range of names that we see from our policyholders. At Agria, we’re committed to animal welfare, and are here to support each pet’s differing needs and personalities.”   
For more information and for expert advice to keep your pet happy and healthy, please visit: www.agriapet.co.uk.   



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