GCCF 5 Weeks Free Insurance

GCCF 5 Weeks Free Insurance cover notes allow you to provide the new owners of your kittens with valuable insurance protection from the moment they collect their new pet. It takes just a few minutes to activate cover, which includes:

  • Up to £4,000 – Cover against the cost of veterinary treatment for illness and injury.
  • Up to £2,500 – Purchase price if the pet dies from illness or injury.
  • Up to £1,000 – Contribution to advertising and reward if your pet is lost or stolen.
  • Free Health Advice line – 24/7 telephone help line. Find out more.

Set up 5 weeks free cover

Activate online in Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Set up cover online before the kitten is collected. If you enrol onto the Agria Breeder Club you could earn cash rewards if the new owner continues onto one of our lifetime cover policies

Step 2 – Once the cover is activated. you will be given the customer’s new policy number which you can pass on to them when the kitten is collected.

Step 3 – We will send full policy documentation to the new owner with details on how to continue their cover with an annual plan.

Peace of Mind

Lifetime Cover

With free instant cover during the vulnerable weeks after a kitten moves to their new home, your new owners know that, if a condition should develop, there is insurance protection in place to help with the cost.

Best of all, if the new owner does decide to continue their cover, GCCF Pet Insurance provides lifetime cover and claims starting during the 5 week free period can continue to be covered.

Lifetime cover means that, once a condition starts and the claim has been accepted, claims can continue to be made for that condition each year, as long as a policy remains active.

This means that, if a condition should start during the 5 week free insurance period, as long as an annual policy begins immediately after the free cover expires, that condition can be covered for the rest of the pet’s life.

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