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Do I have to microchip my cat?

09 November 2020 - Currently, it’s not compulsory to have your cat microchipped – however, it’s an extremely good idea – and here’s why!
Do I have to microchip my cat?

Why should I get a cat microchip?

Unlike dogs, there’s no law stating that cats must be chipped, but there are plenty of reasons why your cat should be microchipped.

  • Missing cats. Cats generally seem to have a good homing instinct; however, their natural curiosity can sometimes lead to them becoming lost
  • Particularly with some more expensive breeds, theft can be an issue
  • A major change in a cat’s life, such as moving home, can cause them to become confused and get lost
  • Some cats like to “adopt” an extra family! If there’s ever a need to prove ownership, a microchip is invaluable
  • If your cat loses their collar or name tag, they are still always able to be identified

How old should my cat be to get microchipped?

Kittens can be microchipped from a very young age. There is no difference between a kitten microchip and a cat microchip, so if your kitten has not already been chipped when you get it, it can be done straight away and certainly before they are allowed out. How old cat microchip

My cat stays indoors – do I still need to microchip them?

Even if you have a house cat, it’s still a very good idea to have them microchipped. If your cat were to escape or be let out accidentally, they wouldn’t be used to their outdoor environment and so are more likely to become lost.

Where do I get it done?

Your vet will be able to insert your cat’s microchip. A microchip is tiny – about the size of a grain of rice – and it will be inserted into the skin between your cat’s shoulder blades. Once it’s in, it will stay in place for your cat’s whole life.

The microchip contains a unique serial number, and your contact details will be assigned to this. If your cat ever gets lost and is scanned by a vet or rescue centre, they will immediately be able to access your contact details to arrange to reunite you with your pet.

If you move to a new house or change phone number, it’s important to make sure that your cat’s microchip details are updated. The paperwork you receive when your cat is first chipped will explain what you need to do.

Extra benefits of microchipping

Microchip cat flaps

You can fit a microchip cat flap, which works by scanning their chip and preventing other cats from getting in. This will help your cat feel extra-secure and prevents other cats from being able to get into your home. These cat flaps allow multiple microchips to be stored, so they work just as well, even if you have several cats.

Microchip feeding bowls

These are great if you are a multi-cat household, especially if you have a greedy cat that eats its housemates’ food! Each bowl can be programmed with the cat’s microchip so that they can only eat their own food. This is also useful if you have a cat on a special diet, or a dog that might want to help themselves.

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