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Meet Agria Breeder Ambassadors 2022 (1)

Our fabulous Breeder Ambassadors are a specially selected group of expert breeders. They help us to highlight the unique ways we support the breeder community, and we love them because they know so much about dogs and love them as much as we do!

Meet Laurie and Beccie Woods, mother and daughter super-team!

Laurie: I have been involved in dogs for 50 years with my mother. Starting the ‘Penbro’ Kennel and mainly being involved with Giant Schnauzers in the early days, competing to a high level in the show ring. Realising life was much easier with the miniature variety, we have now had miniatures for 25 years. I judge all 3 sizes of Schnauzer at CC level.

Beccie: I don’t know anything else other than dogs, having been born into a house of giant schnauzers and sitting on benches from a young age, we got our first miniature schnauzer when I was just 5 and then began my show journey coming up through the ranks of junior handing, 2021 saw us as the top miniature schnauzer breeders, Top miniature schnauzer, Runner up top Bitch and top brood Bitch, we won 15 CC’s last year and several group placings.

What breeds do you have currently?
Miniature Schnauzers !

What breeds have you had in the past?

Laurie - King Charles Cavaliers, golden retrievers, Giant schnauzers and now miniature schnauzers

Beccie - Toy poodle, Pointers and miniature schnauzers !

Will you be showing at Crufts this year?

Yes ! This year we have 5 entered, Manny, Polly, Ellie, Amy and Fergie!

What is Crufts like for you?

Crufts is Crufts, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s such a buzz, the build up, the event, everything around Crufts is just fantastic. Win or lose there is no greater feeling than being in the ring on that special green carpet. It really is the world’s greatest dog show.

What is your experience with breeding?

We work so well as a team with breeding, we only have a litter when we want a new puppy ( ideally for the show ring ) and we couldn’t do it without each other! Each of our strengths are the other person’s weaknesses!

If you could have another breed of dog (not what you currently own) what would it be and why?

Beccie - without hesitation a Standard Poodle !!
Laurie - I’m going to stay loyal to the Miniature Schnauzers

What is your favourite thing to do/see/buy at Crufts?

Beccie - Shop shop shop ! I also absolutely love walking around and watching the judging, it’s so exciting to watch the open classes and see some of the overseas exhibitors
Laurie - shop until I drop, I drop quicker than Beccie ! But more than anything I love watching our breed judging we are lucky that we get a lot of overseas minis and it’s exciting to watch !

Do you have a Crufts tradition?
I don’t think we do necessarily we always tend to stay for the full 4 days and we always take a moment to appreciate our dogs are on the green carpet! Not forgetting the countless glasses of fizz shared with friends !!

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