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Objects stuck in your dogs mouth

When your dog chews on a stick or a bone, it can easily get pieces stuck between the teeth of their upper jaw, across the palate. Here's what to do if something gets stuck in your dog's mouth.
Objects stuck in your dogs mouth

What to do if something gets stuck in your dog's mouth

  • Open the dog's mouth 
  • Locate where the object is stuck
  • Try to gently take it out
  • Check if there are sores in the mouth
  • If you are unsuccessful, take the dog to the vet

Objects stuck in the oral cavity

If something is stuck in the dog's mouth or throat, for example a stick between the teeth of the upper jaw, the dog usually starts gagging and clawing at its mouth to try to get the it out. Sometimes, however, the only symptom is bad breath.

Sticks can damage your dog's throat

Lots of dogs love to play with sticks, however try to teach your dog to carry sticks in the middle and not the end. Sticks can be dangerous as they can get stuck in the oral cavity, in which case damage can be seen in the throat or next to the base of the tongue.

Stick residue or plant parts may remain and an abscess could develop. This can, for example, appear on the side of the upper part of the neck.

When should I see a vet?

If you can't remove the stuck object, you should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Sometimes you may see blood coming from the mouth or tongue, but no wound - this is often because the object is located far back in the throat. The stick may have broken, or the bark dislodged. In this case, it's important that your dog receives veterinary care.

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