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How to brush your dogs teeth

Tartar, tooth loss and other dental diseases can often be prevented by regular tooth brushing. Daily tooth brushing can detect disease in the dog's mouth at an early stage, as dogs rarely clearly show pain from the oral cavity. Here are some useful tips on how to brush your dog's teeth.

How to brush your dog's teeth:

  1. Make sure your dog is calm
  2. Please approach the dog from the side and not directly from the front
  3. Use a soft toothbrush, a fingertip, or a microfiber cloth wrapped around your finger
  4. If you use a toothpaste, it must be intended for dogs
  5. Start by gently lifting your lip and brushing the outside of a few teeth
  6. Gradually increase by brushing more
  7. If you are allowed to open the dog's mouth, brush the inside of the teeth
  8. Give the dog a lot of praise during this time so he learns to like brushing his teeth
  9. Brush your teeth regularly. Try to make it part of your and your dog's daily routine.

When should I start brushing my dog's teeth?

Accustom the dog to tooth brushing early, preferably already as a puppy. It takes time to get a dog used to brushing its teeth. When teaching your dog to brush its teeth, you can start by lifting the dog's lip and gently rubbing the outside of the upper jaw's teeth with your fingertip or alternatively with a microfibre cloth wrapped around your finger. Do this daily until your dog accepts this. Only then do you introduce the toothbrush.

Start by dabbing your teeth with the brush, then brush for a few seconds and gradually increase the time you brush your teeth. Remember to give the dog plenty of praise and reward the dog for making the brushing a positive experience.

Brush with small movements

The outsides of the teeth are brushed with small rubbing movements. You should be especially careful with the gum line where tartar formation starts. To brush the insides, you have to open the dog's mouth and it can be difficult to get the dog to agree. Be careful, take it step by step and give the dog time to get used to it.

Toothpaste for dogs

If you want toothpaste, you should use a special toothpaste intended for dogs. It can be a good way to make it more pleasurable because it tastes good. There is, among other things, toothpaste with a liver flavour that many dogs like.

Never brush your dog's teeth with toothpaste intended for humans. Cavities are very rare in dogs so fluoride is not needed.

How to prevent tartar in dogs

The best way to avoid tartar is to regularly brush your dog's teeth. The teeth should preferably be brushed daily because plaque starts to form again immediately after brushing. Tooth brushing can also remove lighter tartar that has started to form.

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