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Sunburn in dogs

Dogs can get sunburned, just like us humans. Strong UV radiation increases the risk of a dog suffering from skin changes. Here you can read about how to protect your dog from the sun.
Sunburn in dogs

Symptoms of sunburn on dogs

Sunburn on dogs manifests itself in the same unpleasant way as on us humans - the skin becomes red and stings. Dogs may try to relieve the pain by licking themselves, which can worsen the inflammation.

If your dog seems to be in a lot of pain or the problems worsen, seek help form your vet.

Can you use sunscreen on dogs?

You can use sunscreen on particularly exposed areas of your dog to try and prevent sunburn.

There are special sunscreens for dogs, but you can use one for humans. If you're using human sunscreen, make sure it's an SPF50 perfume-free sunscreen for children, and spray form is usually easier to apply.

It's best to keep your dog in the shade, protect with a parasol or thin clothing.

White and thin-furred animals are at greatest risk

In areas where the coat is thin and the skin is unpigmented, such as on the bridge of the nose, the underside of the chest and abdomen, armpits and groin, the risk burning is higher. Dogs with short white fur often get sunburned more easily. This is due to less pigmentation leading to higher sensitivity.

Black and thick-furred dogs do not escape sun-related problems. Their scourge is instead that their colour generates heat to a greater degree and of course that a thick coat heats more than a thin one.

Prevent and relieve sunburn

Make sure your dog always has access to shade, fresh air and water. If your dog is still sunburned, you can relieve the sunburn by applying a cooling wrap. Severe sunburn may require veterinary care.

How to take care of your dog in the heat

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