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Top 6 puppy toys

Have you noticed that puppies love to play? Our essential guide will help you decide what you need!
Top 6 puppy toys

Consider buying a range of toys until you know what your puppy likes best. Buy a toy to use as a comforter, a toy to chew on, a toy to keep them busy, and a toy for chasing or pulling.

Buy good quality toys that will last a long time. Cheap versions that end up in little pieces will become a choking hazard. Any bits of toy that are swallowed can get stuck in your puppy’s digestive system. This can become a serious problem, requiring veterinary attention.

What are the best puppy toys? 

Comfort toys

Dogs and puppies are pack animals and don’t like to be left alone. When they first leave their littermates, a cuddly, fluffy toy is essential. By placing a soft toy in your puppy’s bed to snuggle into, you’ll provide comfort for them. Look out for soft toys that come with a battery-operated heartbeat. The gentle sound will help them settle as they adjust to their new life away from their littermates. 

Rag toys

Some puppies are far from kind to their fluffy toys! They may see toys as items to be ragged about, pulled apart, and shredded to bits. If this sounds like your playful pup, a rag rope may be a top choice which also allows you to have a fun game of ‘pull.’ There are different types on the market. Go for the best quality versions so they last longer.

Rubber treat toys 

Strong rubber treat toys, such as the KONG Classic, are a safe choice for your puppy to chase. To alleviate boredom, you can fill the KONG with tasty treats giving your mental stimulation. Suitable for all, from Pomeranian to Rottweiler, it’s a great training toy for teething puppies.

Indestructible Toys

For some types of dog, such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, you will need an extra tough and durable toy for boisterous playtimes. There are plenty on the market specifically designed for dogs with strong jaws! If your puppy is likely to destroy a standard rubber ball, look for indestructible toys. Some manufacturers are so confident of their claims they even come with lifetime guarantees. Look out for those types.  

Toy balls

With such a vast range of balls available, it can be hard to decide which to buy. While some dogs are happy with an old tennis ball, it won’t last long for others. It’s best to buy a ball designed specifically for dogs. The Chuckit! is a good example. It’s ultra-bouncy, durable, and it floats.

Feeding Mats

Whether you need to slow your puppy’s feed time down or encourage your puppy to eat more, dog feeding mats do both. Buy a non-slip pet activity mat to turn dinnertime into a game. They give many options for hiding treats and food. It allows your puppy to snuffle out each piece and creates lots of fun—an excellent toy for mental stimulation and encouraging fussy feeders.

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