Pet 24 – Returning stray pets around the clock

Sadly a cat or dog goes missing in the UK every 90 seconds. Luckily as an Agria customer you have free Pet 24 membership.

Pet 24 are a leading lost and found service, on hand 24 hours a day to help find your missing pet. They have so far helped to reunite over 20,000 lost pets with their owners thanks to their simple yet effective service.

Designed to complement microchipping, pets registered on the scheme are provided with a tag designed to be worn on their collar containing a unique code. Should your pet go missing, the person finding them can simply call the number on their tag and quote the pet’s individual reference number. The Pet 24 emergency team can then instantly access owner details to have the pet safely home as quickly as possible.

If emergency veterinary treatment is required, Pet 24 will also arrange this, as well as help the finder take care of the pet until the owner has been contacted.

Mela has worn the pet 24 Agria tag on her collar since she was a small puppy. She is now an excitable 22-month-old Golden Retriever. This is the first time that we have had to use your service. She shot off, defying the recall whistle, at the end of a walk in the Cambridgeshire countryside, probably on the scent of a deer. After an anxious forty minutes, the telephone call came through to say that she had been found over two miles away in the next village. I think that is an extremely prompt response. By happy chance the dog-walkers who picked her up were completely unfazed to meet a loose dog without an owner. Although, they had never met our  Mela before, they used to own the kennels that we still regularly use, so they are experienced dog-handlers. We were reunited with our naughty dog and pleased to renew acquaintance with a couple who had provided our dogs with great care in the past. Thank you so much, Pet24, for your help.

– Clare Byatt

Agria customer Anna-Marie Greenwood had a scary moment when Miro, her Chinese Crested went missing recently. Anne-Marie and boyfriend Norman were out shopping and had left Miro with Anna-Marie’s mother who they were visiting in Essex. Unbeknown to Anna-Marie’s mother a fence panel had been broken in her garden and after being let out, Miro was discovered to be missing…

Anna-Marie “my mum went out into the garden to realise there was a broken panel in the fence and that was when she realised Miro had gone missing”

A panicky time ensued as Norman, Anna-Marie and her mother looked high and low for Miro. Luckily Miro is insured by Agria and so had a Pet 24 tag on his collar. It transpired that Miro had been found by a group of teenagers who had given Miro to a lady who had called the number on her tag. Agria with its pet 24 service had then been able to reunite Miro and Anna-Marie to her great relief!  

Anna-Marie “If it wasn’t for Agria, I might not have my baby today. Thank you Agria”

– Anna-Marie Greenwood

If you are an Agria Customer don’t forget to activate our pet 24 service in case your dog or cat goes missing.

For more information on Pet 24, please click here or refer to the brochure provided in your policy pack