For Veterinary Practices

Pet insurance has developed a strong relationship with the veterinary community over the past few years and most veterinary practices value having insured customers in their database. Agria provide a number of tools to help practices attract new insured customers.

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Why choose Agria Pet Insurance?

  • Lifetime veterinary fees cover as standard.
  • £25 cash back voucher available to spend in your practice.
  • Continuous insurance cover for chronic and on-going conditions.
  • Free insurance cover available for every client at primary vaccination.
  • Fast and efficient claims settlement that can be paid direct to your practice.
  • 4 Weeks Free insurance for primary vaccination customers.

£25 Cash Back!

4 Weeks Free Cover

Whenever one of your customers takes out an annual insurance plan with a higher level vet fees cover, they will automatically receive a £25 voucher that can be redeemed in your practice against vaccinations or other preventative treatment.

Not only does this appeal to policy holders who value the contribution to their pet’s healthcare, it also ensures that they will return to your practice with money to spend.

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Primary and secondary vaccinations is a good way for you to start a relationship with a client, and what better way to reward them than with 4 weeks free insurance for their dog or cat.


Each time you perform a primary or secondary vaccination, simply endorse and hand over one of our insurance certificates and we will give your customer 4 weeks, no commitment, insurance protection.

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