Services for Practices

Why work with Agria?

Agria is the world’s largest animal insurer, with over 125 years of trusted experience. We are a pet insurance specialist and are committed to promoting the health and welfare of animals. As such, we’ve developed strong ties with the veterinary sector and many animal welfare organisations. We are very proud to be the first and only pet insurance company to receive a ‘Cat Friendly’ award from International Cat Care (iCatCare).

Benefits for your practice

  • Fast and efficient claims process handled by qualified veterinary staff. We also process claims payment directly to your practice if desired.
  • There are a range of flexible options for working with us, including becoming an Appointed Representative, so you can work in a way that suits your practice
  • We have a specialist veterinary support team to help when you need it, including your own personal Business Development Manager and our in-house HQ support team
  • We offer CPD opportunities for the whole practice
  • Staff discounts are available on our pet insurance

Benefits for your clients

  • We only offer Lifetime cover to your clients
  • Our polices cover dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Cover includes up to £12,500 vet fees cover each year
  • Pick and mix cover options to suit dog and cat owners and their budget
  • Our higher level policies include a £25 voucher towards vaccinations and health checks that can be used in your practice
  • Added extras to help your clients with all aspects of pet ownership

Claims forms

Owners are often going through a very stressful time when they need a claim form, so we want to make it as simple as possible to get hold of one.

To help, we now include a claim form in each pet owner’s renewal documents, as well as making forms available to download on our website here

Insurance Settlement Letters to Practices

Agria has taken a big step towards a paperless world by sending vet fees settlement letters directly to practices via email. As long as we have your practice email address, you can receive vet fees settlement notices by email as well as by post. Eventually, we intend to remove posted letters completely.

If you would like to receive settlement confirmation letters by email, just make sure we have your correct email address and you will be included automatically. If you would like to change your email address or any other contact details for you practice, please email us at