Promoting Pet Insurance

Signing up as an Appointed Representative (AR) has its definite advantages. It doesn’t have to be as restrictive as you might think. Whether you sign up with Agria or with anyone else, you can still display multiple brands.

Becoming an AR

When you sign up with Agria to become an approved AR practice we ensure you receive informative, unobtrusive training that fits in with your business. Agria will give you all the information you need to help owners learn more and find the right policy for their

Benefits of becoming an AR gives you the opportunity to:

  • discuss the benefits of pet insurance and recommend that customers consider purchasing it
  • talk about Agria’s insurance products, and point out to pet owners the main cover options
  • introduce customers to Agria, display our marketing literature in your practice and distribute approved Agria literature with your regular customer communications
  • explain the policy details of Agria’s 5 Weeks Free insurance and set-up 5 Weeks Free insurance up to 10 days prior to the pet’s vaccination
  • promote Agria pet insurance on your website 

“ We decided as a practice to become an Appointed Representative for Agria Pet Insurance because we love the Life Time policy they offer for our clients and wanted to be able to tell our clients that we recommend Agria Pet Insurance Ltd as a company also. The process to set up as an AR was so straight forward and uncomplicated , the paperwork is not daunting in any way and our TM was there through the process to answer any queries no matter how small. The actually process of setting up Agria 5 weeks free cover is so easy, its quick and simple for the staff to do and great we can set up in advance of the appointment. Our clients are really happy to receive the 5 week free at the time of vaccination, it’s an added extra from us as a practice and Agria Pet Insurance Ltd. It was one of the best and easiest decisions we’ve made as a practice! ”- Katie Gillis – Head Receptionist.

For more information on becoming an AR please email us here.

Becoming a non-approved practice

The Agria package is designed to introduce and promote pet insurance to your clients.

  • Hand out a 4 week free owner activated cover note with each primary vaccination.
  • Attach an Agria leaflet to every bill and invoice settled at reception.
  • Include Agria leaflets with newsletters, booster reminders, and puppy/kitten party goody bags.
  • Link to Agria from your practice website.

For more information on working with Agria please email us here.