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International Working Animal Day

It’s International Working Animal Day! Agria Pet Insurance is proud to support several charities with their essential work.

Today is International Working Animal Day!

It’s a day to recognise the hard labour of animals, past and present. This is the seventh year that international charity SPANA has used this day to help raise awareness of the 200 million working animals across the planet.

Most working animals live in the world’s poorer countries, where they help their owners carve out a living in tough environments. But, there are also many working animals here in the UK and International Working Animal Day acknowledges their invaluable input too.

Working animals abroad

For 50% of the world’s population, working animals help their owners scrape together a living. Without that help, these people would be living in even deeper poverty.

While all types of animals are employed by humans, donkeys and horses bear the brunt of the most arduous labour. They work in the fields, preparing, ploughing and harvesting. They transport food, water, goods and firewood. Others are employed within the tourism industry. From Columbia to India to Ethiopia to Russia.

SPANA and other charities work incredibly hard to help educate the owners of working animals about how to properly care for them.

They provide assistance by funding veterinary care and farriers. They run educational courses on how to correctly fit tack and what materials are best to use. They help people understand the importance of providing their animals with regular breaks in the shade as well as the necessity of fresh water and food. These adjustments can be life-changing for working animals.

Working animals in the UK

Things have changed for animals in the UK. As our lives have become more prosperous, animals are more likely to be a pet than a work colleague!

You may still find some donkeys on the beach, taking children on little rides. But, they are no longer used to pull heavy carts or carry large adult owners.

When it comes to working animals, we must not over looks cats. Their work is not limited to pest control! Assistance cats provide their owners with emotional support when they most need it. Other cats are used as ‘Pat Cats’ and may visit people in hospitals and care homes to help bring a little joy to animal-loving residents.

Dogs have moved away from roles where they may have been used to help hunt prey for the pot. Their working roles are far more varied and ever-evolving. Some people still use them as guard dogs, but many UK working dogs are being used for newly created roles.

There are now many types of assistance dogs. These wonderful dogs work hard to support their owners in navigating disabilities. This can be anything from alerting their deaf owner to someone ringing the doorbell to telling a person with epilepsy that they are about to have a fit and to get into a safe position.

Agria is thrilled to be able to support charities, such as Hearing Dogs For Deaf People, Service Dogs UK. Medical Detection Dogs and Support Dogs,so they can continue to be the ambassadors for working animals. 

Our Pup to Old Aged Pup (OAP) competition celebrates service dogs, young and old. To help shine a light on these superstar canines, we’re asking the public to take part in our vote to find the Most Heroic Dog, celebrating a service dog nearing retirement, and Most Promising Graduate – championing the next generation of service dogs. All of the amazing organisations involved will each receive a donation of £1,000 and the overall winners will receive a donation of £2,500 for their charity. Follow our socials to get involved and vote.



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