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How to find the best new homes for your puppies

Finding the best homes for your puppies is one of the most important aspects of being a responsible breeder. Here's our guide to getting it right to make sure they have the best life possible

Whilst it’s an exciting time to see your puppies getting ready to ‘fly the nest’, it can also be very worrying when trying to find them a responsible puppy owner. After taking great care of them for the first few weeks of their life, it’s important to make sure their forever home is just as good as their first. This is the last duty of a responsible breeder.

If you are new to dog breeding, here are some points to consider to help you find the best new home for your puppies with responsible puppy owners.

Are these potential new owners out for a day trip?

Believe it or not, some people are not looking to provide a puppy home but are simply coming along to ‘have a look’ and cuddle some puppies. You will find some people are genuine potential owners who are looking at different breeds before they figure out which type of dog they would like to own. Others are not quite so genuine. It’s not going to cause any particular harm to have day-trippers and it may help with puppy socialisation. However, if you are a busy person, it’s just a waste of your precious time.

Sometimes, when you try to find an owner for your pups, and thankfully this is rare, people can be very dishonest about who they are. Their intentions may not be good ones, and they could be hoping to intensively breed from your puppy or buy it for someone else who they know you wouldn’t sell a puppy to. If you’re suspicious, ask them for character references and identification showing their address. Do some research to verify who they are. Tell them you will be keeping copies of their ID if they wish to purchase a puppy. This will usually put off anyone with bad intentions.

Are they experienced owners?

When you try to find an owner for your pups, you may meet people with experience of owning dogs, and they will already be knowledgeable. It’s still worth asking them lots of questions to make sure they will provide a good home for your puppy.

If you encounter first-time dog owners, it’s important they understand what owning a dog is all about to ensure you sell your puppy to responsible owners. Ask them questions! Here are some good examples:

  • Do they know about worming and vaccinations?
  • Are they planning on giving their dog regular exercise?
  • Have they thought about who will take care of their dog when they are at work and on holiday? 

Ask them more intricate questions that will require a well-thought-out answer.

  • Do they understand the traits of the breed?
  • What are the potential health issues of this breed? 

Their answers will give you a good indication of how seriously they are taking dog ownership.

Hopefully, any potential puppy homes have looked into the type of dog and breed that will suit their lifestyle. For example, working dogs such as collies are great for herding sheep and anyone ‘on the go’ all day long. They probably won’t suit an owner looking for a cuddly lapdog. It’s important to get the right dog, otherwise the puppy and owners will all end up unhappy.

What’s their family situation?

Try and suss out their home situation. Do they have their own house or do they rent privately? Do they have a garden? Can they afford a dog? Are they aware of all the costs throughout a dog’s lifetime? It may seem intrusive, but these are important questions to ask. The welfare of your puppy is at stake. Ask to meet the whole family, particularly any children. Beware of ‘new couples’. What happens to their dog if they don’t stay together? What about couples expecting their first child? Will they have time for the puppy? Don’t be afraid to be nosy!

Viewing does not guarantee a sale

When you meet people, if you feel they are not going to be responsible dog owners, you don’t have to sell your pup to them. It’s okay to say no to a potential puppy home. Just because they have come to look, it doesn’t guarantee the puppy is going home with them - it’s what a responsible breeder would do. You can tell anyone who visits that you need to time to consider which homes would suit your puppies best. If they are caring and understanding, they will respect your decision.

Good luck with finding great homes for your puppies. You have given them the best start in life and the final part of your role as a responsible breeder is to find them a five-star home!                    

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