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Meet The Agria Breeder Ambassadors 2023

Our fabulous Breeder Ambassadors are a specially selected group of expert breeders. They help us to highlight the unique ways we support the breeder community, and we love them because they know so much about dogs and love them as much as we do! Look out for our team of friendly Agria Breeder Ambassadors at Crufts.

John Green

"Hi, my name is John Green I have been involved with dogs for just over ten years. I show and breed Japanese Chins and Chihuahuas with my wife and good friend Steve Rooney where we have had great success finishing 2022 Our Dogs Top Japanese Chin, Top Breeders, and Top Brood Bitch. I am also the secretary of the Chihuahua Club of South Wales and the Rottweiler Club of Wales. I love Crufts, to me, it is the world cup for dogs where dogs from all around the world come to compete at this prestigious event.

"This year at Crufts we will be exhibiting 4 of our Japanese Chins and 1 smooth-coat Chihuahua. Our greatest memory of Crufts was in 2019 when we won the CC (Challenge Certificate) with our Japanese Chin under breed specialist Mr Tony Allcock this CC was her 3rd, crowning our girl with her champion status, a day we will never forget.

"I was thrilled to be asked to be an ambassador for Agria at Crufts 2023 and look forward to working with the team to tell new breeders how good Agria are."

Caz Frances

"I wasn't allowed a dog as a child, but my Auntie had Cocker Spaniels which she enjoyed showing in the 1970's so that was my main experience with dogs growing up (she was also the best dog trainer I have ever met even to this day). Spending time with hers left me with a love of that breed ever since. I have always had a love of all animals but didn't get my own until later when I left home. I adopted 2 crossbreeds (not planned) but I am a soft touch for those in need, quite like my Auntie, she would rescue all sorts!  Skipping a few years in between for the sake of brevity to my current breed Leonbergers which I have had the pleasure of owning since 2005 when I purchased my first one from Janet Nash of the Clunkamoor kennels. I made him up and he finished his show career with 5 CCs and 1 RCC, he got me hooked on the breed and I have loved them ever since although I will get a Cocker one day!     

"Crufts is an amazing show, with a whole different atmosphere and experience to other shows, there is a greater level of excitement I feel, and it is an honour to have qualified and show there. It can get crowded and be a challenge, but I am always excited to be there.

"This year I will be there all 4 days starting on Wednesday night with Pawscars then supporting and assisting friends who are showing on Thursday and Sunday. Friday is my breed's show day so I will be at the Leo ring for most of that day. I am sure I will squeeze in some shopping as well at some point. 

"I have always had my insurance with Agria, and on the occasions, I have had to claim it has always been dealt with promptly and efficiently with no hassle. Whenever I have had to call them about anything the staff have been lovely to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone. Lifetime insurance is an absolute must so it’s great that they recognise this and only offer it.

Thea Stafford

"I’ve been brought up in the world of dog showing all my life and have been involved with dogs since I was a baby, I love handling and will handle my dad and mum’s dogs under their affixes Farnfield and Luisianna. My breeds are the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas, Labradors and Bichon. I enjoy Crufts as it’s a good show and brings back so many great memories with my dogs and family, and there is always something to see. This year I will be supporting my friends and family around the show ring and of course shopping. I am looking forward to being an Agria Ambassador for the first time this year!

"Agria are fab, they only do lifetime insurance which is fantastic peace of mind for any dog lover. They are also a trusted company to insure your litters with when they go to their new homes."

David Alcorn and Gavin Ingram

"We breed, exhibit and judge and have shown dogs for many years. Dogs are a big part of our upbringing, currently, we have a bit of a variety - having Border Terriers, Whippets, Irish Setters, Weimaraners and Gordon setters, and in the past at home we have lived with Pointers, Jack Russells, Working Bearded Collies, ISDS Border Collies, and Labradors. We currently have Weimaraners, Gordon Setters, Irish Setters, Whippets, and Border Terriers.

"We have bred a few litters over the years but we only tend only to breed every couple of years. Crufts brings a chance to see some of our country's best dogs and gives us a chance to see what potential future stud dogs we might like to use. As we only breed a small number of litters, we like to do it with the best genetics - only the best ingredients are used!

"We have our Weimaraner and Irish setter showing at Crufts on Thursday and on Saturday we have the Border Terriers and our Whippet competing. Crufts is a great chance to catch up with people and celebrate each other’s triumphs and successes which we do every year - so in itself, a bit of a tradition. It’s a busy time with lots of things going on, and a great atmosphere over the four days."

Laurie and Beccie Woods, mother and daughter super-team!

Laurie: "I have been involved in dogs for 50 years with my mother. Starting the ‘Penbro’ Kennel and mainly being involved with Giant Schnauzers in the early days, competing to a high level in the show ring. Realising life was much easier with the miniature variety, we have now had miniatures for 25 years. I judge all 3 sizes of Schnauzer at CC level."

Beccie: "I don’t know anything else other than dogs, having been born into a house of giant schnauzers and sitting on benches from a young age. We got our first Miniature Schnauzer when I was just 5 and then began my show journey coming up through the ranks of junior handing, 2021 saw us at the top with Top Breeders, and 2022 saw us still at the top with runner up top breeders, puppy & male. Winning nearly 30 tickets over the past few years. 

"We breed Miniature Schnauzers and work so well as a team with breeding, we only have a litter when we want a new puppy (ideally for the show ring) and we couldn’t do it without each other! Each of our strengths is the other person’s weakness!

"This year at Crufts we will be showing 5 of our dogs, Manny, Polly, Amy and out little star Maggie! Crufts is such a buzz, the build-up, the event, and everything around Crufts is just fantastic. Win or lose there is no greater feeling than being in the ring on that special green carpet. It really is the world’s greatest dog show."

June Caffel 

"My passion for the dog world as well as supporting my daughter with her showing and judging events. As well as my Kennel Club membership I serve on Welk's committee, The South East of England Dobermann Club & Reading Canine Society. I organised the Contest of Champions for several years. My organisational role currently is The Biannual Dobermann Classic as well as an active organiser for the Pawscars. We show Dobermanns and German Wire-haired Pointers. Crufts is one of my highlights of the year, a great 4-day show with so much to see across all disciplines, so much shopping, and so many rings to watch demonstrations from other dog activities. Showing in the breed rings with different groups each day. And of course the ultimate final Best in Show.

"Agria is such a focused employer & customer team, I love that they only do lifetime cover and their breeder club puppy cover is second to none."

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