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Toads are poisonous to dogs

Toad poisoning can lead to profuse drooling in dogs. Here we teach you more about common symptoms, how you can help the dog yourself and when you should contact a veterinarian.

What to do if your dog eats a toad

  • Inspect the dog, especially in the oral cavity
  • If you know your dog has chewed on a toad, keep it under observation
  • If your dog begins to salivate profusely or is otherwise affected, contact a vet

Are all toads poisonous?

Toads have glands in their skin that secrete a substance that is more or less toxic. Toad poisons are also called bufotoxins.

What happens if a dog eats or licks a toad?

Toad poisoning is often not that serious, but can be troublesome for dogs. If they bite, lick or eat a live toad, it can cause them to start drooling profusely, which in the worst case can lead to fluid loss. The dog may also become disoriented and lethargic.

How can you help your dog?

You can try to wipe the gums with a wet towel or similar, rinse the towel between wipes. This is to try and minimise the amount of poison the dog will absorb. You can also help the dog by wiping saliva around the mouth and try to keep the dog's throat dry and clean of drool.

Don't try to rinse the mouth with water as the dog risks getting the water down the wrong throat. Keep the dog under observation if more symptoms are added.

When should you contact the vet?

Contact a vet if the drooling doesn't subside or your dog appears disoriented. In some cases, the vet can give the dog a syringe so that saliva production stops until the poison has disappeared from the body.

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