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Trotting towards a greener future tips for horse and pony lovers

Thank you to our sustainability partner at Eco Offset for providing this guidance.

We all adore our equine friends, but let’s not ignore the hoof prints they leave on Mother Earth. From daily tweaks to big-time changes, let's trot through ways you can make your horse or pony’s lifestyle a little bit more green.

Manure Magic:

Manure doesn’t just make a mess.  If handled smartly, it can be a garden’s best friend. Make a pasture management plan and clear fields and paddocks regularly. Composting the manure can turn your horse's poop into gardening gold dust – a rich fertiliser. Your plants will thank you and you’ll cut down on carbon emissions from your muck heap.

Save Water:

Water is precious, especially as we experience hotter temperatures here in the UK. Why not investigate automatic waterers so your horse or pony gets water on demand, cutting back on waste. Take advantage of the downpours when they arrive and collect rainwater in barrels/ water butts for an eco-friendly way to wash stables down or water plants.

Sustainable Sourcing:

Whenever you’re shopping for feed, bedding, or other products for your equine pal, keep an eye out for local and sustainably sourced options. Transporting products from far-off places burns fuel and adds to pollution. Plus, supporting local businesses can help your community. Look for packaging that is plastic free, or can be easily reused or recycled once you’re done with it.

Harness the Sun and Wind:

Ready to make a big splash in the green pool? Switch your stable to renewable energy, and install solar panels or a small wind turbine. These will do a fantastic job at cutting carbon footprints and slashing electricity bills. And if you produce extra energy, you can even sell it back to the grid.

Recycle Like a Pro:

We all know recycling is sensible for those old products and packaging we have, but let’s take it up a notch. Can you rehome items you no longer need or things you or your horse have grown out of? What can be repaired and patched up?. Could you run a swap session at your stables?

Set up separate bins for plastics, paper, and metals in your barn. Got old horseshoes or tack? Find a local recycling centre or artist who can give them a second life.

Spread the Green Word:

Talk to your fellow horse lovers about eco-friendly practices, and any changes that you make. You could even start a local green group for the yard. Share tips, arrange community clean-ups, and create a support network. The green life is always better together.

Going green with your horse might seem like a big task, but every little change counts. Whether it’s by making the most of manure or literally harnessing the power of the sun, taking steps towards sustainability ensures that our cherished horses and ponies are not just galloping through greener pastures, but helping to create them too!

By our sustainability partner, Eco Offset.

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