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What makes cats fat?

Did you know over a third of cats in the UK are overweight?

One of the groups of cats that is most prone to weight gain is neutered cats. 

Neutered cats are prone to putting on weight for several reasons. One of the most significant is the decrease in their activity levels after they get neutered. The surgery affects their hormone levels and metabolism, leading to a slower metabolism and a decrease in their overall energy levels. This, in turn, results in the accumulation of excess body fat.

Additionally, neutered cats also tend to eat more than they need to. This is because their metabolism slows down, and they require fewer calories to maintain their weight. However, they may still feel hungry and consume more food than they require, leading to weight gain.

Rachel Andre, Founder of Tippaws, says “We recommend feeding your neutered cat a diet rich in amino acids that increase metabolic rates such as L-carnitine. L-carnitine occurs naturally in animal-based proteins, like meat, poultry, and fish, and some cat foods such as Tippaws also contain it as a supplement. Studies suggest that L-carnitine may have other health benefits for cats, such as improving heart health, physical performance, and reducing the risk of infections.”

Thank you to our partner Tippaws for providing this guidance.

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