Acquiring an animal is a big responsibility, a responsibility that lasts the animal's entire life until the day you have to say goodbye due to old age or illness. It is a difficult and often heavy decision to make, but it is our duty to ensure that the animal gets a dignified end.

For the good of the animal

The road can be long and difficult before you arrive at a decision to euthanise. In that situation, you must be clear about what is best for your dog.

It is important to try to put aside your own feelings, dare to see your dog and what is best for them. If you have difficulty judging when the time has come, it is good to consult with your vet. If you can bear it, it is good to be there when the animal falls asleep. You can bring a family member or friend with you who can support you.  

It's important to grieve

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are grieving your dog. One of Sweden's bishops, in collaboration with a female veterinarian, has stated that the mourning work for an animal looks the same as when you mourn a human being and creates the same intense emotions.

The stages of grief

First comes shock that can last between a few minutes to several days. Then come feelings of guilt and doubt at how you handled the situation. This affects the vast majority of people regardless of how good a pet-parent you've been

Eventually – even if it takes time – somehow these intense emotional experiences become one with your personality. Rather than making you feel broken down, they can make you feel rather   enriched. This is usually about 6 months of the grieving process,

Remember the bright memories

Some people close to you may find it difficult to relate and understand that an animal is worth all the tears. Grieving your animal is completely natural. The book "Farewell to a friend: about sorrow after a dog" by Anders Hallgren is written to give pet owners support and guidance to get through the grief.

When you eventually work through your grief and perhaps consider getting an animal again, it is important to understand that a lost loved animal can never be replaced with another. Like us humans, each animal has its own special personality and charm.