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What does pet insurance cover?

When taking your cat or dog to the vet, what veterinary bills does pet insurance cover? We look at what pet insurance typically covers & what it doesn’t.
What does pet insurance cover?

If you’ve taken out a dog insurance or cat insurance policy - or are considering getting one - it’s important to know exactly what they cover. Vet’s bills can be expensive, so it’s worth knowing exactly what you’re protected against, to save you from any nasty surprises down the line.

Here we look at what pet insurance typically covers, and specifically what Agria cat or dog insurance will cover you for.

And here’s how to claim on your pet insurance if you need to.

Does pet insurance cover neutering?

Neutering is a routine procedure in both cats and dogs - whether that’s castration in the case of males, or spaying in the case of females.

This is an elective procedure. In other words, it’s a choice which is undertaken at the owner’s risk. As such, neutering your cat or dog won’t be covered by most pet insurance policies.

However, while routine castration or spaying is unlikely to be covered, you might be protected if complications arise as a result. So if there are complications which require veterinary treatment, you could be protected by your policy. But it’s important to check the policy terms and exclusions to know exactly what you’re covered for.

Here are the considerations if you’re wondering whether you should neuter your dog.

Does pet insurance cover spaying?

As mentioned, routine spaying isn’t usually covered by pet insurance policies.

It’s worth noting that spaying is sometimes undertaken as a preventative measure, for example to avoid false pregnancy or mammary tumours. In this case, not only will most pet insurance policies not cover the procedure, but they also may not cover treatment if complications arise as a result.

Again, it’s important to check your pet insurance policy to see exactly what’s covered. This may help to inform you as to whether you need to absorb the cost of certain procedures yourself.

Does pet insurance cover dental?

Poor dental health and gum disease are prevalent in dogs and cats. In fact, the Royal Veterinary College says that periodontal disease affects over 90% of adult dogs and 70% of adult cats.

In spite of this, pet insurance covering dental illness is uncommon. While dental injuries are usually covered, dental illnesses and other dental treatment often aren’t.

So you may be pleased to hear that both Agria dog and cat insurance offer dental cover. As long as the terms and conditions are met, treatment falls under vet fees of up to a certain amount each year (£20,000 in the case of our most comprehensive policy).

The main exclusions are for routine check-ups, elective treatments, crowns and root canal procedures. But otherwise dental treatment is covered for both cats and dogs.

Find out more: does pet insurance cover dental treatment?

Does pet insurance cover euthanasia?

Generally speaking, most pet insurance policies won’t cover the cost of euthanasia or cremation.

However, with Agria cat or dog insurance, we cover the cost of:

  • Cremation
  • Burial
  • A house visit by a vet to put your cat or dog to sleep

This is capped at £150, for all levels of cover we offer.

As mentioned, this isn’t offered by all providers as standard. Where pet insurers do offer this, it tends to be a policy add-on. In other words, it’s an addition to the standard policy, which will usually mean you’ll have to pay more for the pet insurance premium.

For this reason, it’s important to familiarise yourself with exactly what a pet insurance policy covers before you buy. And - possibly more importantly - familiarise yourself with what it doesn’t cover.

Find out what happens when you euthanise a dog.

Does pet insurance cover shots and vaccinations?

Pet insurance typically doesn’t cover routine shots and vaccinations for your cat or dog. And Agria pet insurance is no different.

Insurance policies in general are there to protect you from the unexpected, or situations out of the ordinary. This is why they don’t usually cover routine procedures, such as your pet’s shots or check-ups.

That said, if you take out Agria’s most comprehensive pet plan for your cat or dog, we’ll give you a £25 voucher each year to help out with the cost.

Does pet insurance cover vet visits?

Whether your pet insurance covers you for vet visits depends on the visit. As injuries and illnesses are covered by most policies (to a maximum level), a vet’s appointment for treatment should be included.

However, routine healthcare tends not to be covered. So most pet insurance policies won’t cover taking your pet for a routine check-up, vaccinations, flea treatment or worming, for instance.

Top tip: As an Agria Pet Insurance customer, you can get veterinary advice for free via our Agria app, 24/7.

What does pet insurance not cover?

As mentioned, pet insurance policies vary. Some may provide cover for certain procedures which other policies don’t. This is why it’s important to familiarise yourself with any policy before you commit, as it should adequately cover you and your pet’s needs.

But in general terms, most pet insurance policies won’t cover the following:

  • Bathing or grooming
  • Nail clipping (more on this in a sec)
  • Deworming or defleaing
  • Vaccinations and shots
  • Neutering (spaying or castration)
  • Microchipping (note that many providers won’t insure your dog if it’s not microchipped)

Depending on your vet, they may offer or agree to cutting your pet’s nails as part of another procedure - for example, if they’re under anaesthetic.

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