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Your dog's teeth and dental issues

Just like humans, dog's have two sets of teeth. Puppies have 28 milk teeth, which are later replaced by 42 permanent teeth. Find out all about your dog's teeth here.
Your dog's teeth and dental issues

How many teeth does a dog have?

An adult dog has 42 permanent teeth; 12 incisors, 4 canines and 26 cheek teeth.

Common dental diseases that affect dogs

The saliva lubricates the mucous membranes, transports away bacteria and contains antibodies that are important in preventing infections in the oral mucosa. Saliva also contains abundant amounts of mineral salts that are important for the formation of tartar.

Development of teeth in dogs

Like humans, dogs have 2 sets of teeth; 28 puppy teeth are later replaced by 42 permanent teeth. Puppy's are born toothless. During the third week of life, you can feel small bumps on the gum bone under the gums.

The dog's milk teeth

By the end of their fifth week of life, a puppy will usually have all of their milk teeth. Then, at just under 4 months of age, they begin to lose them again. Their permanent teeth are usually completely grown through at around 6 months of age.

If your puppy doesn't lose all of their baby teeth, you should contact your vet.

Keep an eye on your dog's mouth and teeth

Daily tooth brushing is a good way to get to know the inside of your dog's mouth. This way you can detect changes or problems early, potentially preventing dental disease.

How to brush your dog's teeth

Frequently asked questions about dog teeth

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