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When do puppies lose their teeth?

Just like human babies, puppies also go through a teething process. We look at puppies' dental development and when their baby teeth fall out
When do puppies lose their teeth?

When do puppies first get teeth?

Although puppies aren’t born with any teeth, it’s not long before those first tiny milk teeth will come in – somewhere between two and four weeks old. At this point, the puppy’s eyes will be open, although they’ll still be feeding from their mother. And it’s the mother who will very quickly start to teach her puppies the importance of not biting too hard during feeding or playtime!

Teething time

It’s not long before a puppy’s baby teeth start to come out – in fact, by 12 to 16 weeks of age you might spot tiny baby teeth on the floor as your puppy loses their milk teeth and the adult teeth begin to emerge.

As with human babies, the teething process can be painful, and your puppy will probably want to chew on everything! Help your puppy through this time by making sure they have plenty of safe toys to chew, such as Kongs.

This is also the perfect time to start getting your puppy used to having its mouth handled, ready for being examined by the vet when necessary, and for tooth brushing. You can clean your puppy’s teeth using either your finger or a small brush, with some canine toothpaste. 

Adult teeth

By the time your puppy is around six to eight months old, it will probably have a full set of adult teeth. Interestingly, a puppy has fewer baby teeth than a human, but more adult teeth – usually 42!

If you have any concerns regarding your puppy’s teeth, always consult your vet for advice.

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