Still kitten food?

As your kitten reaches the 6-month mark, it is important to feed them the correct diet.

Even though they have finished the majority of their growing, important developmental changes are still happening that require the correct balance of nutrients. Depending on the food you feed, you may be able to start progressing onto adult food, however, always check with your food manufacturer for the best advice as all brands differ.

Neutering your kitten can be discussed at six months which can have many behaviour and health benefits, especially if you are going to let them venture outside. Spaying of females prevents them being harassed by male cats and from having unwanted litters of kittens, and castration of male cats can help prevent them straying miles over busy roads in search of females. The general neutering of all cats helps prevent territorial fights and spreading of disease, infections or wounds. Your cat’s diet may need to be adjusted following neutering as the metabolism can slow and weight gain may occur more easily. 

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