Does pet insurance cover dental treatment?

Poor dental health and gum disease are so common in cats and dogs that the British Veterinary Dental Association states that most over three years old have gum disease requiring treatment.

The Royal Veterinary College says that periodontal disease affects over 70% of adult cats and 90% of adult dogs.

With such serious implications in store for pets with untreated oral health problems, understanding the importance of pets' dental care is crucial. Besides having as dental checks at every preventative care vet appointment, learning how to carry out effective teeth cleaning and spot problems is essential.

But when a problem is identified, insurance policies will cover treatment? Surprisingly few. 

Dog dental insurance

While many insurers will cover dental accidents, what’s different about dog dental insurance from Agria Pet Insurance is that dental treatment for disease, illness and injury is covered.

Toothache is terrible, and whilst many insurers will cover dental accidents, many don’t cover other pet dental treatment. What’s different about dental cover from Agria Pet is that dental treatment for disease, illness and injury is covered. And as there’s no limit on cover for dentistry, providing treatment costs fall within the annual vets’ fees limit of up to £12,500, cover is there – so it won’t be long until your pet is happy again. 

Teeth cleaning

Whilst having an insurance policy that covers pet dental treatment is great for when things go wrong, there’s lots you can do as an owner to help look after your pet’s teeth – in particular teeth cleaning, reducing the likelihood of needing treatment. 

· Encourage your dog to chew on something appropriate to help keep the surfaces of their teeth clean – dental cleaning is even more important if your dog is on a soft diet.

· Teeth cleaning – start as young as possible so your dog gets used to it and reward them afterwards.

NEVER use human toothpaste with a dog. It is toxic and can be fatal. Always use toothpaste that's made specifically for dogs. 

If you have an Agria Pet Insurance policy, you can access the free Pet Health Helpline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The veterinary-trained team will advise on any concerns or queries that you may have over your pet’s health – much like the NHS 111 service for people. Call free on 03333 32 19 47.