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Can dogs eat eggs?

A breakfast-time staple, eggs are delicious and also packed full of protein and amino acids. So, whilst they are good for human health, is it the same for dogs? Can dogs eat eggs?
Can dogs eat eggs?

Back in the past, when dogs went out to find their own food, stealing an egg from a nest would provide them with sustenance full of nutrients. 

These days, things are very different for our dogs. We usually feed them complete dog food, which nutritionally gives them everything they need. However, that doesn’t mean your dog can’t have some tasty treats in their diet. Some dogs just love eggs. But is it safe for them to eat eggs? Cooked or raw?

Can dogs eat cooked eggs?

Whether you go scrambled, fried, poached, or boiled, remember eggs should only be fed as a treat. Nutritionists would recommend you only allow extras to make up 10% of your dog’s diet.

Do not feed them the shell! It contains too much calcium and could create a mineral imbalance in their body.

Whatever type of egg you choose for your dog, avoid including any salt, pepper or butter that might accompany your plate of eggs. Give them plain eggs, fed separately, or mixed into their regular food.  

Can dogs eat raw eggs? 

Raw eggs are not a good thing to feed your dog. It’s a definite no!

One issue with feeding raw eggs to your dog is the risk of them getting a Salmonella infection. Salmonella is a horrible bacteria that can cause severe illness and can even be fatal. Luckily, it’s pretty uncommon in eggs sourced from the UK, but it’s best not to risk it.

Another issue with feeding raw eggs is they can cause biotin deficiency. Biotin (vitamin B7) can bind to a protein in raw eggs and stop your dog from absorbing this important vitamin. Since it’s essential for healthy skin, cell growth, and supporting your dog’s metabolism, you don’t want to feed them something that will inhibit this intake. The good news is, cooking eggs stops biotin uptake from being an issue.

Can puppies eat eggs? 

Whilst there isn’t anything specific in eggs that will upset your puppy’s digestive system, it’s best not to feed them eggs. New food types, added suddenly to their diet, can cause them to have an upset stomach. It’s best to avoid vomiting and diarrhoea in puppies as they can become quickly dehydrated. Wait until they are a bit older before you start to introduce eggs, or in fact, any other new foods to your puppy’s diet.

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