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Can dogs and puppies eat carrots?

Sometimes there can be confusion about the types of human food suitable for puppies and dogs, particularly fruit and vegetables. It’s always worth checking first before you feed them something new. Some types of fruit and veg will upset your puppy’s digestive system, and others can be toxic. What about carrots?
Can dogs and puppies eat carrots?

The answer is yes! Carrots are a healthy and crunchy snack that most dogs seem to enjoy. 

Health benefits for puppies eating carrots

Carrots contain plenty of Vitamin A, Biotin and Vitamin K, all needed to help keep your puppy healthy. They also have lots of other vitamins in smaller amounts, plus fibre. 

Vitamin A will help your puppy’s vision, and Vitamin K is essential for growing strong and healthy bones. 

Clean teeth

Another top benefit of sharing carrot chunks with your puppy is, they help to keep their teeth clean! 

The crunchiness helps to scrape plaque and food particles from teeth in the same way apples do. Carrots also activate your puppy’s gums to produce saliva. Puppy saliva is alkaline, which helps keep the acidic bacteria causing cavities at bay. 

Puppy teething

Carrots also have another benefit when they are fed to puppies. They make great teething aids! Cut them into tiny chunks so they are not a choking hazard and pop them in the freezer for a few hours. Your puppy will appreciate the soothing effect frozen carrot chunks can have on their sore gums and teeth. 

How many carrots can my puppy eat?

When it comes to feeding your puppy, most people know to provide high quality, complete food appropriate for their age. This should make up 90% of their diet. Giving them treats is perfectly okay, but they should only make up the remaining 10% of their nutritional requirement.  

Did you know dogs are omnivores? This means they can digest meat as well as fruit and vegetables, just like us humans!

Watch the sugar

Although carrots are a very healthy choice for puppies, make sure you only give them small amounts. They contain a lot of sugar. Even though it is naturally occurring, too much sugar is not suitable for puppies or dogs.

If your dog is watching their waistline or has any kind of insulin sensitivity, keep them away from carrots. If you are unsure whether your puppy or dog can have carrots, check with your vet.

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