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Pug Pet Insurance

We supply award-winning Lifetime Pug Insurance

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Pug Pet Insurance

Pug Pet Insurance

Pugs are becoming hugely popular dogs and it’s not hard to see why! Their distinctive faces always look like they’re smiling and their big round eyes just melt every dog-lover’s heart! Pugs have fantastic personalities as they’re fun and friendly at play time, whilst also being cuddly and cute with their families.

Common conditions that our Pug owner customers claim for:

ConditionAverage claim payment
Corneal ulcer£411.79
Seizures, epileptic convulsions £228.22
Brachycephalic airway obstruction
syndrome (BAOS)
Atopy £217.14
Skin allergy£181.14


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Did you know...

  • 47% of our Pug owners made a claim in their first two years with us. Fortunately, we pay 97% of all the claims we receive.
  •  89% of the claims we received for Pugs were for illness, with only 11% for injury. Many of those claims were for lifelong conditions.
  • Our highest payment for a Pug in the last 12 months is £6,937 for Portosystemic shunt (PSS).
  • The oldest Pug we currently insure is a 15-year-old named Alice, born on 25th October 2002. Now, there’s a loyal companion!

Sadly, Pugs are all too frequent visitors to my surgery. Very cute as puppies, but as they grow older, we often see breathing difficulties that can require major surgery and specialist referral. We also see chronic problems with eyes and skin that can need treatment for life and frequent visits to the vet.

Robin Hargreaves

Agria Vet Panel Lead, Veterinary Surgeon for 30 years and former British Veterinary Association President.

Why more and more Pug owners are insuring with Agria

With Agria, it's lifetime, every time

At Agria, we believe pet insurance should last your pet’s lifetime. Our policies provide lifelong vet’s fees cover for illnesses and injuries. This means that, provided your policy is renewed each year, your maximum benefit will be refreshed, providing cover for ongoing conditions.

So, whatever happens throughout your Pug's life, we’ll always be there for you and your dog!

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