We love Staffies!

We supply award-winning Lifetime Staffordshire Bull Terrier Insurance

Why we love Staffies!

Staffies are energetic and high-spirited dogs who are very affectionate with their families. They are gorgeous, loyal family companions and are easy to groom with their sleek coat. Staffies are undeniably charming dogs and are often described as little ‘cuddle monsters’!

Did you know...

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39% claim in the first two year
39% of our Staffie owners made a claim in their first two years with us. Fortunately, we pay 97% of all the claims we receive.
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90% claim for illness
Poorly pups! 90% of the claims we received for Staffordshire Bull terriers were for illness, with only 10% for injury. Many of those claims were for lifelong conditions.
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Our highest Staffie claim payment was £6,750
Our highest payment for a Staffie in the last 12 months is £6,750 for an elbow problem.
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Our oldest Staffie is 16!
The oldest Staffie we currently insure is a 16-year-old named Sammy, born on 7th August 2001. Now, here’s a loyal companion!

The five most common conditions that our Staffie customers claimed for were:

  Condition Average claim payment
1 Skin allergy £253.33
2 Atopy £202.56
3 Seizures, epileptic convulsions

Skin infection or inflammatory


5 Osteoarthritis 


Quotes Staffies are charming and resilient and look pretty indestructible, but we still see conditions such as allergic skin disease, epilepsy, and osteoarthritis that may require long-term treatment. Only a lifetime insurance policy will help with the costs for as long as necessary. Quotes
Robin Hargreaves
Agria Vet Panel Lead, Veterinary Surgeon for 30 years and former British Veterinary Association President.

Why more and more Staffie owners are insuring with Agria

  • We only offer Lifetime Pet Insurance

    Covering up to £12,500 vet fees

  • 97% of claims are paid

    Direct to your vet if you prefer

  • Pet Insurance Provider of the Year

    Winner of Moneyfacts Consumer Award 2018

  • Best Claims Service

    Winner of Moneyfacts Consumer Award 2018

  • UK based customer service and claims teams

    90% of our claims team hold an animal related or veterinary qualification

  • Our customers love what we do

    Over 95% of our customers would recommend us to friends and family

With Agria, it's lifetime, every time

At Agria, we believe pet insurance should last your pet’s lifetime. Our policies provide lifelong vet’s fees cover for illnesses and injuries. This means that, provided your policy is renewed each year, your maximum benefit will be refreshed, providing cover for ongoing conditions. So, whatever happens throughout your pet’s life, we’ll always be there for you and your pet.